Company presentation

SGW Patent IVS is a patent consulting firm offering to provide qualified counseling of clients in all patent matters and to represent clients before the European Patent Office and the Danish Patent and Trademark Office as well as the relevant PCT authorities in case of International filings.

Our rates are deliberately chosen such that also private inventors and small innovative companies can afford to obtain the patent counsel and representation that is necessary in order to ensure the best possible patent protection of their inventions and to investigate whether commercial exploitation of the client's invention infringes prior rights.

Our services

- Novelty searches

- Patentability assessment

- Infringement analysis/Freedom-to-operate assessment

- Drafting of Danish, European and International patent applications

- Representation/prosecution of such applications before the relevant patent authorities

- Representation of clients in opposition and appeals proceedings before the European Patent Office and the Danish Patent and Trademark Office

- Drafting of patent strategies and providing an overview of timelines and expected costs in patenting processes

- Translation of technical documents from English to Danish, German to Danish and vice versa

Preliminary investigations
Prior to the drafting of patent applications and/or commercial exploitation of an invention

Acknowledging that many private inventors and small innovative companies have a rather limited budget to cover IPR expenses, SGW Patent IVS offers a preliminary investigation package comprising:

- Novelty search of client?s invention;

- Patentability assessment based on the results of the novelty search;

- Freedom to operate investigation based on the client?s specific marketing needs;

- Patent strategy (in case novelty search and patentability assessment is positive); and

- Overview of timeline and expected costs of patenting process.

The preliminary investigation package is offered at a price of approximately half the price that the client would have to pay if he chose to order each of the above investigations separately.

The current price for a preliminary investigation is 2000 Euro.

Attorney profile

B.Sc. in electrical engineering from Københavns Teknikum

M.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark

Ph.D. in acoustics from the Technical University of Denmark

Professional representative before the European Patent Office

More than thirteen years of experience from industry

More than seventeen years of experience from various patent agencies in Copenhagen

Has represented clients in patent matters within many different technical fields, e.g.:

- Audio

- Hearing aids

- Industrial robots

- Telecommunication

- Computer-implemented inventions

- Maritime equipment

- High-pressure cleaners

- Agricultural machinery

- Gardening systems

- Packaging

- Covering systems for walls and ceilings

- Venetian blinds and shutters


Søren Gert Weinrich

European Patent Attorney

Hybenhaven 7

DK3060 Espergaerde


Mobile phone: 25 72 34 81

E-mail: weinrich@live.dk


CVR no.: 36 39 57 88

Bank: Nordea A/S

Reg. No. 2313

Account No.: 3499 26 80 75